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Road To Kingdom Ep 5 (Eng Sub) Discussion Post

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[Who got eliminated and what was the 2nd round ranking]On the May 28 episode of “Road to Kingdom,” the second round rankings were announced and one group was sent home.

In the last two episodes, the seven teams on the Mnet competition show faced off in the “My Song” mission, where they had to tell their own stories while performing their own tracks. The rankings for this round were determined 30 percent by the contestants’ votes and 70 percent by votes from the online audience.

In today’s episode, it was announced that The Boyz received a perfect score and once again came in first place, after scoring the top spot in the show’s initial 90-second performance mission as well as the first round.

The Boyz’s leader Sangyeon commented, “I’m not sure what to say. We’re going to consider this to mean that we’re being told to work harder, and we’ll put on a cool performance in the next round, as we did today.” He added, “Thank you once again for giving us first place.”

The rankings for the second round were as follows:

1. The Boyz
2. ONF
6. TOO
7. Golden Child

The rankings of the first and second round were combined to determine which group would become the first team to be eliminated from the show, and it was announced that Golden Child would be sent home.

Joochan apologized and said, “I thought that my role in this round was very important. I feel like this has happened because of me.” He went on to say, “It’s sad, but I’m going to work harder so that I don’t show this kind of image again.”

Members of Golden Child cried during their interview, and Bomin said, “I felt like I got to laugh and chat together with my nine members for the first time in a long while.” Leader Daeyeol said, “It’s very disappointing, but I want to tell the members that they did a good job,” before becoming tearful himself, and the group clapped.

Y emotionally said in his personal interview, “Daeyeol said he wanted to tell us we did a good job, but there’s no one to say that to Daeyeol himself. He did the best. I think he did the best!”

Daeyeol said, “We’re a group that’s really passionate and does a good job, and we’re going to keep paying everyone back for their love with great performances. We’ll be grateful if you look forward to our future performances. We’ll work hard.”

The six remaining teams on “Road to Kingdom” were then given the details of their next round, which will be a collaboration performance.

[Collaboration Pairs + 1st performance]
The groups will be teaming up in the following pairs for their performances: TOO and VERIVERY, ONF and PENTAGON, and ONEUS and The Boyz. The second team to be eliminated from the show will be determined after the third round.

TOO and VERIVERY kicked off the third round with their performance of BTS’s “ON”!

[Preview for Ep 6]

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