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Good Girl Ep 3: "Unit Battle" Performances

The mission began last week when the cast went to a two-day-and-one-night song camp, where they were given the task of making a two-member unit to perform together on the second day. They were told that the pair that was crowned as the “best unit” would get flex money as a prize.

The members teamed up in duos of Lee Young Ji and QUEEN WA$ABII, Jamie and Ailee, Yunhway and Yeeun, Jiwoo and Cheetah, and Hyoyeon and Sleeq. Lee Young Ji and QUEEN WA$ABII kicked things off with their performance last week.

Jiwoo x Cheetah - Desperado (by Rihanna)

Yunhway x Yeeun - Feels (by Calvin Harris featuring Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry, Big Sean)

Sleeq x Hyoyeon – Blinding Lights (by The Weeknd)

Ailee x Jamie – Tango (by ABIR)

From last week: Lee Young Ji x QUEEN WA$ABII - Ayyy Macarena

In the end, [Spoiler (click to open)]Sleeq and Hyoyeon were named the winners! All their fellow contestants had voted for them as the best unit.

The “Good Girl” cast was then shown taking on their first quest, which was a battle against Just Music and Wedaplugg Records, which houses artists like Swings, Giriboy, and more. The Quiett took part in the episode as a special director.

When they came up with the lineup for their competition, the “Good Girl” members decided that Lee Young Ji would go up against Giriboy. Lee Young Ji said, “I’m really scared. Giriboy was my mentor on ‘High School Rapper.'”

It was also decided that in the first round, Sleeq, Yunhway, and Jamie are going up against Lil Tachi, sAewoo, and Jhnovr.

source: Mnet Official, soompi, naver

What was your favorite performance?

Jiwoo x Cheetah - Desperado
Yunhway x Yeeun - Feels
Sleeq x Hyoyeon - Blinding Lights
Ailee x Jamie - Tango
Lee YOung Ji x QUEEN WA$ABII - Ayyy Macarena
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