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Flashback Friday

Every week I check the charts for this day in the past and post the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week we are going back to the 5th week of May, 2016. This week is filled with uniforms and solo debuts.

#3 I.O.I “Dream Girls”
“Dream Girls” was the official debut song from the Produce 101 group, I.O.I. It was released a month after the show ended. I’ve never seen the music video before. Ahhh the youth! The video features the girls working hard to accomplish their dreams. I’ve been dreaming of finally watching everything in my streaming queues. Instead I’m still watching The Ghost Whisperer over and over again.

#2 Jung Eun Ji “Hopefully Sky”
This was her solo debut, and the lead single off her EP “Dream”. It’s a really pretty song that feels so spring. She wrote the lyrics, inspired by memories of her father. The pretty MV matches the song so well, I love it when that happens. Those cherry blossoms are soooo very lovely, and made me miss the cherry blossom festivals that had to be canceled this year.

#1 Twice “Cheer Up”
This was the lead single from the group’s second EP “Page Two”. It was their big breakout hit, ending up as 2016’s best performing single in terms of streaming and digital sales. The video has the girls portray characters from movies. Momo’s Tomb Raider look has always been my fav. This was also the song that would give the girls their first music show win, exactly one year to the day of Sixteen’s premiere episode.

Honorable Mentions

#4 Tiffany “I Just Want To Dance”
This is her debut solo song from an EP of the same name. She became the second SNSD member to debut solo, after Taeyeon. There’s like a million different filters in the MV. I miss the beach. Not planning a visit anytime soon though. Tiffany would follow up the solo release with her own solo concerts in the early summer.

#7 Nam Woo Hyun “Nod Nod”
Oh, I like this a lot! Both the song and the music video are so nice! Giving me early 2000s SG Wannabe dramatic MV vibes. It’s all very mellow and now I want to sit outside with coffee and cake and reminisce about some lovey dovey times. Okay, maybe not the last part. But I do wish I had cake now. This was the debut solo song from Infinite’s vocalist. The song did well, and would peak at #2.

source: Stone Music Entertainment, 1theK, jypentertainment, SMTOWN, woolliment & KBS
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