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More Korean stars speak out and donate during George Floyd and #BlackLivesMatter movement

More idols and other Korean celebrities have posted to show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement and Blackout Tuesday.
Past posts: KARD's BM and Jay Park react, Jessi and Amber react, DeVita and Secret Number's Denise react


Day6 Jae


Tiger JK

GOT7 Mark and Yugyeom

GOT7’s Yugyeom posted on Instagram and showed that he’d donated to the Black Lives Matter Global Network.

More Jessi

Jay Park's agency H1GHR MUSIC

Red Velvet's Yeri
On her Instagram story, Red Velvet’s Yeri shared a post from her friend Seo Herin, who is a former SM Entertainment trainee and “Idol School” contestant. The post outlines the issue and provides links to petitions for people to sign.

KARD's Jiwoo and Soomin
KARD’s Jiwoo linked two separate posts in her Instagram stories. The first recaps the George Floyd case in Korean and the caption reads, “This is the case of George Floyd’s death that is currently an issue in the United States. In order to spread news of this case as far as possible, I drew this using only the facts and without any personal opinion. Please feel free to spread this.”

Soomin posted the same recaps as Jiwoo and this

VIXX’s Ravi posted a photo of George Floyd and commented “Everyone is everything to someone,” adding the Black Lives Matter hashtag.


[the rest of the members shared the same post]




Lee Hi

Dal Shabet's Subin

Eric Nam

BTOB Eungkwang
BTOB’s Eunkwang posted on Instagram with the #blackouttuesday tag and wrote, “We are all people who breathe the same air under the same sky. I earnestly pray that everyone will feel the same.”

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany posted with links to organizations people can support, explaining that she plans to donate to them after Black Out Tuesday.

B.A.P's Jongup
B.A.P’s Jongup wrote on Instagram, “I understand that I will never understand. But I will see you, hear you, mourn with you, and I will fight for you. #blacklivesmatter,” and he shared a link to more information about the Black Lives Matter movement in Korean. He also showed a receipt for a donation he made to the Black Lives Matter Global Network.

NCT's Johnny
NCT’s Johnny wrote, “Please let everyone be safe. I see you, I care for you. #blacklivesmatter.”

CLS Sorn




2NE1 Minzy and CL


Kim Samuel and Loco

April's Jinsol


More Amber
f(x)’s Amber shared an email template for people to use when writing to officials to call for justice following the death of George Floyd. She has also retweeted news about George Floyd’s autopsy results that state his death was due to asphyxia from sustained forced pressure, as well as the news that police officer Derek Chauvin’s charges have been increased from third degree murder to second degree and the other three officers are being charged.
She deleted her tweets, but this is what they said:
- "Sorry everyone, i made a mistake in my last tweet. The prewritten email in this link written to the elected officials to get justice for George Floyd.
Other than your name & where your from please edit “manslaughter” to “FIRST DEGREE MURDER"
- "From my last tweet, its a template and you can edit it. That is just how i chose to use it. It has been brought to my attention a first degree murder charge is ambitious, but that is what i believe. Thank you for your comments & i appreciate the discussion we are able to have."

Monsta X


In Korean, the post reads, “We’re all different colors although we get the same light. There’s no responsibility in colors.” These words are from member Hongjoong’s rap in a previous cover of Michael Jackson’s “Black or White.”

Many more have spoken out, you can check this twitter thread or the soompi sources i listed below.

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