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AB6IX’s Lim Young Min Writes Apology Letter After DUI

He posted a handwritten letter to the AB6IX fan cafe:

"Hello, this is Lim Young Min.
First, I’m so ashamed and sorry to be giving you such disgraceful news.
I am sincerely sorry for disappointing the many people and fans who have been showing me love and waiting for me.

I feel pathetic and pained to have to become a disgraceful hyung to the members, who have been indelibly wounded because of me. Also, I want to sincerely apologize to the agency staff who have suffered great damages because of this.

The members and many staff members worked so hard for a long time to prepare for this comeback, but because of my foolish and irresponsible mistake, their efforts were undermined, and so I am deeply ashamed…

I am keenly aware of all of my mistakes, and I am deeply regretting and reflecting. I will accept all of the criticism over my irreversible actions and reflect.

To everyone who believed in me and supported me, including my fans, group members, agency staff, and family members… I sincerely… I once again sincerely apologize…"

source: soompi, naver
Tags: ab6ix, crime, scandals

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