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Korean Hip-Hop - Part 2 & 3

Korean Hip-Hop - Part 2. A Way of Life

As Korean hip-hop continued to develop, the artists became acutely aware of the fine line walked between ‘disrespect’ and ‘respect.’ Diss battles began to steal the stage, but there was also a maturity and level of respect that artists maintained through it all.

Korean hip-hop grew into a way of life, impacting people of all ages and walks of life. We’ll introduce you to some college students with a love for rhyme, and bring you exclusive interviews with major artists like MC Meta, San E, Huck P, Ja Mezz and insights from hip-hop journalist Kim Bong-hyeon.

It’s people living their dreams and living their best hip-hop life.

Part 3. Unlimited Spirit

Hip-hop is defined as a culture and art movement, with some saying the four major elements include: rapping, deejaying, b-boying and graffiti. Part 3 focuses on the latter two, with a close look at the dance element b-boying.

B-boys and B-girls have elevated their skills to compete with the best in the world and win. Meet the Hallyu warriors of street dance, starting with the icon Poppin Hyun-joon, Jinjo Crew and Just Jerk Crew. We’ll also introduce you to the dancer-turned-graphic novelist who helped foster the dance craze, Kim Soo-yong; and the dancer who creates graffiti art for all to enjoy, Boogie Black.

It’s the culture and art movement of Korean hip-hop.

source: ARIRANG K-POP 1 2
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