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Sunmi Discusses The Hate Comments Female Idols Receive

Sunmi along with her two brothers sat with two Twice fans and discussed the hate comments the girls receive directly, whether it’s on their social media pages for everyone to see, in their DMs, etc

- Sunmi talks about how common it is, that girl groups/female artists in general will receive hate comments that read like novels with how long they are. But the members usually just have to ‘put up with it’. When you have to put up with it over and over again, that’s when a member can have an outburst since they’re sick of it and that’s when fans notice their pain the most.
- The Twice fan brings up that there are fans that are very vigilant when there are hate comments and report them to their agency, but that’s only a certain portion of fans doing that.
- Sunmi’s brother has gotten into an argument with an anti attacking Sunmi before but he’s avoiding doing that now.

The video ends with Sunmi and the fans bonding on why Twice’s “Feel Special” lyrics meant so much to Twice fans and performers like Sunmi who can relate to the song’s lyrics.

This is just a portion from the video snowphone posted yesterday if you want to see the whole episode of Sunmi and her brothers! I just wanted to highlight this part as I’m a girl group/solo female artist fan in general and it’s hard to watch what these girls have to deal with.

Source: mu:fully
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