Cass (cairistiona) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

It's official: BigHit acquired Pledis - Seventeen's '헹가래' Trailer: A Scene of the Journey "H"

Source: BigHit Labels

i know we had a post confirming it already but seeing this video posted to bighit labels was such a surprise to me today, and to the fans in the youtube comments. it's already received the usual bighit treatment of an unbelievable amount of dislikes, which army/moa are trying to tell carats is "normal".

anyway the video itself is a combination of album/mv teaser & mini-interview with hip-hop unit (the h in the title) talking about the difference in the words "travel" vs. "journey", with wonwoo saying "travel" is more fun whereas "journey" is for a purpose, and coups saying a journey has no ending, which they joked was profound.
Tags: big hit entertainment, pledis entertainment, seventeen
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