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Pentagon's Hongseok under controversy for his comments about fellow idol group ONF

Pentagon's Hongseok is under fire for his comments about fellow idol group ONF.

Hongseok held a live stream on V app to communicate with fans and made vitriolic remarks about idol groups in the process of recommending his groups songs with ONF member E-Tion.

Hongseok stated, "If I recommend a song called Asteroids, people will only listen to our songs. I'm trying to protect ONF's pride. Both songs have the same title but listening to ONF's Asteroids will make you feel deprived. Pentagon is better than ONF."

Asteroids is a song released by ONF in October 2019 and later in February 2020 Pentagon released a song with the same title.

He continued with his unilateral criticism of another song with the same title "Sumseong." He stated, "If ONF encounters Pentagon's asteroid, they'll feel like frogs in a pond. I didn't want to shock ONF." After making fans angry due to his remarks he added, "let's keep it a secret between us because our friends ONF will go crazy if they know about it."

But he didn't' stop there. He continued to make remarks about ONF stating, "to be honest our asteroid is a little better."

Netizens that saw the livestream criticized his comments stating, "he didn't give his fellow idol colleagues the minimum courtesy. He should issue an apology right away. His live was too rash. With that many people watching he said all those comments without paying attention to his words and action."

In a statement to Sports Kyunghyang on the 16th, an official from his agency CUBE Entertainment addressed the allegations and stated, "we will confirm the facts and announce our position later."

sources: dailynaver, Sports Kyunghyang
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