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Dalmatian/DMTN to release digital single "Never Forget"

On June 15, 2020 members Inati, Dayday, Dari, Simon, Dongrim and Daniel (!) of Dalmatian (or DMTN) posted a teaser with the date "2020.06.19" on their personal Instagram accounts. Then on June 17, they posted an unpixelated image to reveal that they will be releasing a digital single "Never Forget" on the 19th at 12PM KST. This year marks DMTN's 10th anniversary and it's been 7 years since they released "Safety Zone".

Song credits are below:

Executive Producer 8PEX COMPANY
Music Producer Isaac Han, 아론킴 (Aaron Kim)
Producer Daniel Chae
Composed by: 앤드류최 (Andrew Choi) , Isaac Han, 아론킴 (Aaron Kim)
Lyrics by: 나나멜리 (Nana Mellie), 다리 (Dari), Dayday
Arranged by: 아론킴 (Aaron Kim), Isaac Han
Keyboards by 아론킴 (Aaron Kim) @ 8PEX Co.
Computer Programming by Isaac Han @ 8PEX Co.
Drum Programming by Isaac Han, 아론킴 (Aaron Kim) @ 8PEX Co.
Synth Bass by Isaac Han, 아론킴 (Aaron Kim) @ 8PEX Co.
Vocals directed by ISAAC HAN, 아론킴 (Aaron Kim) @ 8PEX Co.
Guitar by 이진원 (Lee Jinwon)
Album Design by Joy Lee

cr: @leedongrim.youaremykosmos on ig
other members' ig: @itsyadayday, @_eintae, @daridentity, @simonjakops, and my darling daniel @daniboywonder

not sure if i'm dreaming or not I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
Tags: comebacks, dalmatian, shaking and crying

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