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Seventeen get dragged into the Big Hit & MBC beef and will not appear on Music Core

- Today, Pledis announced that Seventeen will not appear on Music Core for this comeback.
- It is well-known that Big Hit and the Music Core PD (who also produces the MBC Gayo) have (unofficial) beef. I read reasons from the Gayo giving the final stage to EXO in 2018 to the PD feeling slighted because BTS chose to perform in NY instead of the MBC Gayo 2019. Fair to say, it's petty politics at this point and probably some wounded male pride on both sites.
- Music Core staff are saying that they actually invited Seventeen and are posting dramatically about listening to "Don't Wanna Cry" on their weibo.
- The beef only affects Music Core and possibly the MBC Gayo. Seventeen still promote on MBC shows like Radio Star this week.

As SEVENTEEN gears up for their comeback on June 22, Pledis Entertainment has announced that the group will not be performing on MBC’s “Music Core” for their upcoming round of promotions.

On June 19, the agency confirmed, “It’s true that SEVENTEEN will not be appearing on MBC’s ‘Music Core’ following their comeback.”

An unconfirmed report by Korean media outlet News1 has speculated that the decision has to do with Big Hit Entertainment’s rumored conflict with MBC. Last month, Big Hit Entertainment officially became the largest shareholder of Pledis Entertainment, and no Big Hit artist has appeared on “Music Core” since May 2019.

MBC’s “Music Core” has then issued a statement regarding SEVENTEEN not appearing on the show for their upcoming “Heng:garæ” promotions, which reads as follows:

"Hello. This is MBC’s “Music Core.”

The staff of “Music Core” is always working hard to invite singers from many different genres to our program to create stages that stand out from other music programs.

The staff has sent requests for SEVENTEEN to appear on our show, and we wish for them to appear on our show and perform for our viewers.

The “Music Core” staff will continue to work hard to create the greatest stages for fans of K-pop.

Thank you."

source: @soompi, soompi, naver 1 2 3, @fangirlvyn
Tags: #musiccore, big hit entertainment, music core, pledis entertainment, seventeen

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