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SBS clarifies TWICE fancam controversy, claims audio was an ad copy from a shopping app CF

SBS has released an official explanation about malicious rumors that staff criticized TWICE's stage. SBS' YouTube channel 'SBS Kpop' clarified the rumors in a statement shared at the end of TWICE's encore video that aired on the 14th.
SBS Kpop stated, "There are rumors that SBS staff criticized TWICE's 1st place encore performance today. To get to the point, this was a simple happening [coincidence] but we want to apologize first for posting the video without organizing the audio."

According to SBS, the controversial audio mixed in the "fancam" video was a copy of CM's advertisement that aired after the main broadcast of 'Inkigayo'. When the voice in the ad "complete my intellectual image" was mixed in with TWICE's encore stage fancam, some netizens speculated it was the staff's backbiting, causing rumors to spread.

SBS stated, "If someone criticized your favorite singer without any grounds you'd be angry. We apologize for not paying enough attention causing such a misunderstanding to happen to someone you love. SBS Kpop team feels the same way as the fans do. We apologize to TWICE, JYP and the fans."

source: @dailynaver, naver, nate, dailynaver
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