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The guy who composed "Gwiyomi" was arrested for sexual assault

According to an exclusive report by Sports Kyunghyang on the 10th, rapper and producer Dandy (Dan Di) was charged with sexual assault of his acquaintance's younger sister after visiting the female acquaintance's home in April and having drinks until dawn. He initially denied the allegations during investigation but he was exposed after DNA evidence submitted by the victim confirmed it was him.

Dandy is a rapper and producer that guested on 'Mr. Trot' and was eliminated in the first round. He also guested on 'Show Me The Money' and 'I Can See Your Voice.'

He well known for composing "Gwiyomi" song that released in January 2013 that was loved by the public, even ranking in Billboard charts in Korea. The song was re-released in December 2014 by a famous actress and he also released other songs with a famous comedian that contained sexual content. He also founded an entertainment agency, launched a girl group, and is also a producer.

In the meantime, the Seoul Eastern District Prosecutor's Office has forwarded his case to trial.

source: dailynaver, naver 1 2
Tags: court / legal issues, crime, sexual harassment / sexual assault

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Posts from This Сommunity “crime” Tag