Myrrh/Laura (myrrhcat) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

From the ashes of Bulldok comes new girl group Peace!

Peace, consisting of members Sora, Say, Hyungeun and Yulim, just made their debut! They're from Krazy Entertainment, formerly home to girl groups Oahsis and Aqua (both of which only ever released one single... fingers crossed for Peace?) Say and Hyungeun got their start on Produce 101's first season, and later debuted in the group Bulldok along with Sora. Unfortunately, Bulldok also only released one single in 2016 before disbanding.

While Peace's single "Yallacha" doesn't have an MV, it seems they're going for something lighter and more colorful than their tough image from before. The song is a by-the-books example of the tropical house trend that's been so popular in recent years, for better or worse. It's worth checking out if you're into that sound!

EDIT: So they actually debuted/released this song in April 2019... 😂 oops @ my research skills, but it was never posted here so here, they existed and maybe still do?

Source: YouTube: KRAZY Entertainment official
Tags: debut, ex-group members, music, nugu, produce 101 alumni

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