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Omona's First Loves


Hello! Back again for another First Love post!

First variety show that you loved. What are weekends in Korean entertainment without variety shows?

Could it be probably the most popular Korean variety show ever, “Infinite Challenge”? It was the show that was called “the nation’s variety show”, and helped make Yoo Jae Suk “the nation’s MC”. Or the current longest running variety, “Running Man”. Or was it earlier variety game shows like “Heroes” or “X-Man”?

There were shows that sent celebs away to far-off places like “Law Of The Jungle” or “Battle Trip”, and not so far away locations like “2 Days 1 Night”, “Real Men”, or “Family Outing”.

Was it the cuteness (and awkwardness lol) of “We Got Married”? Maybe a different kind of cute with The “Return of Superman”, or even maybe even its predecessor “Dad, Where Are We Going?”.

There have been many music variety shows too. “I Am A Singer” was a big hit for MBC, and “Immortal Songs” is still going strong. But I guess nothing can compare to the worldwide hit, “King of Masked Singer”.

New variety shows are always popping up, “Busted!” is getting a season 3 on Netflix. And on the local networks, shows that give us a glimpse into the personal lives of celebs are as popular as ever with “I Live Alone”, “Omniscient Interfering View”, and the new “On and Off”.

I think my earliest favorite was “Family Outing”. Dumb and Dumber 4ever!

So Omona, what was your variety show first love? Share stories, photos, and videos below!

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