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Rehearsal/Recording Clips from Jamie (ft. Jo Kwon, NU'EST Ren, ASTRO MJ, Shin Joo Hyup)

Jo Kwon, Year 11 Chorus: And You Don't Even Know It

Moon Eunsu (Pritti): Spotlight

Performance Clip ft. Shin Joo Hyup, Year 11 Chorus

Kim Jimin (Miss Hedge) (ft. MJ (Jamie)), Year 11 Chorus: Work Of Art

Year 11 Students (ft. Ren (Jamie)): Everybody's Talking About Jamie

Ren (Jamie): Ugly In This Ugly World

source: SHOWNOTE

ren's pipes surprised me (though they shouldn't have)! he was born for this role tbh
Tags: actor/actress, astro, jo kwon, musical, nuest

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