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Twice’s Final Episide of ‘TWICE: Seize The Light’

Twice concluded their Twicelights special with a 9th episode, an episode count to represent the 9 member group* (autocorrect fails so much lol)

At 17:20 the girls finish the series discussing the future of Twice. Under the cut is my personal ramblings as a sentimental Twice fan. I’ll be cheesy so don’t mind me lol.

I think it’s a touching way to end this series. I watched these girls grow up. As a fan, it’s emotional as I don’t like thinking of Twice coming to an end, but it’s a part of life (especially as a 2nd gen fan, I’m used to it). The girls are quite realistic that they want to be with each other for a long time - but we know how the idol game works, it’s not realistic that they’ll be regularly performing all together 10 years from now. Twice has been an amazing opportunity for them, but the time is (eventually) coming for individual projects as the ‘dream’ doesn’t end here for them.

But the girls want to support each in pursuing their personal interests, and they want to stay ‘Twice’ specifically staying in each other’s lives as long as possible. Overall I’m getting strong Rainbow and BEG vibes from Twice (specifically talking about longevity and having a bond, not about anything else jsyk) as in I really appreciate the bond they have and I can see them down the road moving toward individual work but still reuniting from time to time to work together.

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