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Meet JYPE’s New Japanese Girl Group “NiziU”

This group was made through the ‘Nizi Project’ reality show. NiziU has 9 members, just like Twice. They range from 15-19 years old. The group has all Japanese members (and one member, Nina, her mother is Japanese and her dad is a white American). They will be prioritizing Japanese promotions but will also have Korean promotions. The girls release their debut digital album June 30th with title track “Make You Happy”.

Meet the members under the cut. The video does a quick highlight of some of girls’ performances on the show.

Rank 1:
Stage Name: Mako (真子)
Birth Name: Yamaguchi Mako ( 山口真子)
Birthday: April 4, 2001 (Age 19)
Dance Ranking: 1st Place
Vocal Ranking: 1st Place

Rank 2:
Stage Name: Riku (陸)
Birth Name: Oe Riku (大江梨久)
Birthday: October 26, 2002 (Age 17)
Dance Ranking: 6th Place
Vocal Ranking: 4th Place

Rank 3:
Stage Name: Rima (りま)
Birth Name: Yokoi Rima (横井りま)
Birthday: March 26, 2004 (Age 16)
Dance Ranking: 7th Place
Vocal Ranking: 7th Place (Rapper)

Rank 4:
Stage Name: Rio (梨緒 )
Birth Name: Hanabashi Rio (花橋梨緒)
Birthday: February 4, 2002 (Age 18)
Dance Ranking: 9th Place
Vocal Ranking: 13th Place

Rank 5:
Stage Name: Maya (まや)
Birth Name: Katsumura Maya (勝村摩耶)
Birthday: April 8, 2002 (Age 18)
Dance Ranking: 12th Place
Vocal Ranking: 12th Place

Rank 6:
Stage Name: Miihi (みいひ)
Birth Name: Suzuno Miihi (鈴野みいひ)
Birthday: August 12th 2004 (Age 15)
Dance Ranking: 2nd Place
Vocal Ranking: 3rd Place

Rank 7:
Stage Name: Mayuka (まゆか)
Birth Name: Ogou Mayuka (おごう まゆか)
Birthday: November 13, 2003 (Age 16)
Dance Ranking: 21st Place
Vocal Ranking: 24th Place

Rank 8:
Stage Name: Ayaka (あやか)
Birth Name: Arai Ayaka (新井彩香)
Birthday: June 20, 2003 (Age 17)
Dance Ranking: 16th Place
Vocal Ranking: 18th Place

Rank 9:
Stage Name: Nina (仁菜)
Birth Name: Nina Hillman/ Makino Nina (牧野仁菜)
Birthday: February 27, 2005 (Age 15)
Dance Ranking: 24th Place
Vocal Ranking: 2nd Place

(Sorry if these pics are huge, I’m on my phone and they look decently sized but I know things can look way different on a desktop)

Here’s the song they’re are debuting with, they performed in teams for the end of the show.

TEAM MAYA (each member in the group made NiziU)

TEAM MAKO (only Mako, Rio, and Ayaka here made it into NiziU)

Source: IDOLPEDIA, information and pictures from Kprofiles.com, xtarboi (1), xtarboi(2)
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