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A Mini Soshi Roundup of Solo Activities!

The 2nd episode of Yuri's cooking series is out, and the guest is Lee Sora (Google tells me she's a model/DJ?).

And they try out the dish in Part 2. Also teaser for next week, Sooyoung is the guest! My Soshi heart is full. Yuri also left a hilarious comment on Sooyoung's recent Instagram post, love their dissing.

[Taeyeon's Happy Live Performance]

The song is so soothing, and that aquarium backdrop is calming too. Weirdly appropriate for summer.

[Sooyoung updates]

Sooyoung finally updates her YouTube channel again, this time she visits her mum with her dogs.

Sooyoung gets another acting role, I feel like she keeps doing cable dramas?

[Hyoyeon updates]

Hyoyeon announces her upcoming solo album during a vlive with the Good Girl crew. While it would be interesting to see what songs she'll be releasing since her singles have been different each time and she's been preparing a lot during Good Girl, her recent activities on Instagram and Good Girl have left a sour taste on me.

sources: 유리한TV 1 2, SM Station, the sootory, @oh_mes2, @changririid

I'm not too sure what the other girls have been up to, but they've been quite active on social media and commenting on each other's posts. Seohyun seems busy with being the spokesperson for a clothing brand, and Yoona had her variety show appearance recently.
Tags: #teampinky, comebacks, drama, eat like your faves, girls generation, hyoyeon, solo activities, sooyoung, taeyeon, yuri

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