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G-Dragon under fire for animal neglect

Big Bang's G Dragon is under controversy for neglecting his pet dog Gaho.

Recently, an online community posted a photo of GD's pet dog Gaho living at a pension run by his parents. In the photo, Gaho as laying on the floor and his very long toenails caught the eye. The toenails had become very long and appeared to be poorly managed, raising concerns.

The photo appeared to have been taken quite a while ago as netizens couldn't see a recent photo of GD's pet cat Jolie alongside. Since his dog is native to China and well-known to be a hunting dog, netizens criticized GD for not managing his claws.

Netizens wrote, "What are you doing not taking care of his toenails? Why do you leave your dog like that when you're rich? If you're discharged from the military, bring him back with you..." Why is it you only brought the cat back.."

G Dragon adopted a new munch-kin bred cat after his discharge from the military.

[+1,822, -50] If you're not going to be responsible, don't adopt!
[+1,702, -41] Big dogs like that don't normally need to have their claws trimmed regularly. If he was walking his dog often enough his claws would've been trimmed. Now that I see him just laying there you can tell he doesn't exercise him at all.
[+1,519, -34] How painful and tiring it must be for the dog walking him with toenails that long. The toenails will split if he keeps them like that. Makes me think they have him locked up and don't bother to walk him.
[+178, -4] You can tell he's really neglecting him. If he was walking him often his toenails wouldn't get that long.
[+173, -7] I'm trying not to curse GD right now but f***. This ain't it.
[+160, -2] He doesn't walk him at all. He just feeds him. It's obvious looking at those claws.
[+137, -2] Wow~He's rich enough and can afford to take him to a pet salon but is neglecting him to this point. His class is really bottom-level.
[+115, -3] He's not walking him at all that's why his claws grew that long. ㅜㅜ He must've bought him for Instagram photos.
[+113, -4] He's living in a penthouse in Hannam-dong and left his dog at a country-house.
[+104, -2] The dog looks depressed ㅜㅜㅜ my heart breaks.

Recent photos from those who stayed at the pension showed that Gaho and Jolie were kept in a small corner of the pension.They were once family dogs, able to run around at home, but are now tied to small caged areas with dog houses for shelter.Visitors’ reviews noted that Gaho was friendly and would come near so them so they can pet him, but Jolie was not friendly towards strangers and should be admired from a distance.
The reviews noticed that Gaho and Jolie looked “sad”, “tired”, and “overheated” as they stayed outside in the blazing summer weather.

This post from bloggers Simon and Martian of Eatyourkimchi mentioned Gaho being neglected as far back as 2014 when they stayed at GD's villa.
There’s one thing we want to talk about that really upset us when we were at G Dragon’s Villa: his poor dog, Gaho. We were really excited to see Gaho, because we’re dog people and love playing with dogs, but we were really sad around Gaho. The poor dog is on a chain all day. He has a dog house built for him, but the space that he’s in isn’t big enough for a dog his size. In the morning we see him sleeping beside piles of poop and puddles of urine. In the afternoon he’s put on a short leash and just lays around all day. We didn’t see him walked once.

What’s worse: he reeks of urine and sweat. He wasn’t washed in lord knows how long. You can smell it a meter away from him. The only thing we could think of around Gaho was how sad we were that this lovely, gorgeous dog is here in the countryside, with lots of land to run around in, and a big body of water to be washed in, and he’s chained up to mope all day.

We’re not blaming GD for this. He’s not there to take care of his dog. We’re assuming his schedule became too busy so he gave his dog to the people managing the Villa, and probably assumes that they’re going to take good care of the dog. GD: if you’re reading this, hire someone to play with your dog. Get someone to bathe him. He’s so sad there.

Also, we saw a sad cat on a leash tied up to the garbage. He sat in a small box. Every time you walked up to him he’d hop out purring and meowing and begging for attention. I leaned over to pet him and he grabbed onto my finger and licked my hands non-stop. As soon as I tried to walk away he grabbed onto my legs and didn’t let me go, and meowed as I backed away. The cat was covered in mange, with hair falling off his ears and patches of it falling off his body as well.

Why chain up a cat? I don’t get it. It’s the countryside. Let them run free. They’ll go out and get rid of any rats or bugs, and come back to you at night for dinner time and snuggles. Keeping a sad mangy cat tied up to the dumpster is heartbreaking.

source: Daily Naver, via TopStarNews,koreaboo eatyourkimchi
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