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Celebs doing Seventeen's #LeftRightChallenge (with APink's Naeun, Chungha, Kang Daniel etc.)

APink Naeun (Naeun being friends with Hoshi and Vernon is the biggest surprise... How did they become friends??)

Chungha (Chungha also tagged Woozi + his IG-account and hinted that he asked them to do it... IOI + Woozi groupchat confirmed)

Kang Daniel with Woozi and Hoshi


Hani and Nayoung

APink's Eunji with Dino and Vernon (after their radio)

CLC (Elkie being friends with Junhao :D)

Weki Meki Doyeon and Yoojung (The Downpour-bond is strong, what can I say :D)

Gugudan's Sejeong and Nayoung

NU'EST Ren with Seungkwan

Monsta X's IM with Hoshi (gym-pals)

NU'EST Baekho with Hoshi

Yoo Jaesuk + Seho with Seungkwan

Eric Nam

YB's Yoon Do Hyun (He is one of DK's idols! DK thanked him)


SIK-K with Vernon (serve well SIK-K)

GOT7's Jackson

Pentagon's Kino with Vernon

BUFF and newly single Lee Joon with Seventeen

[have an extra pic]


Tobi Lou


Bumzu with SEVENTEEN

MOLA's Nathan with Vernon

SNH48 member Xuyang Yuzhuo (also a contestant on qcyn2)


Lin Yi( actor of Cdrama Put Your Head On My Shoulder) is friends with Junhao

Wang Zhou Cheng (actor of Cdrama The Untamed) is friends with Jun

3YE's Haeun and Yuji

There were also other people doing the challenge like DK's musical colleagues, SVT Club's MC Kim Hwan, a volleyball player from Seungkwan's favorite team and basically every person they meet during their schedules like Lee So Geun, Kim Gura and Boom. Also some "famous TIKTOKers" like Jeffrey Chang, Dasuri Choi and EnjoyCouple.

Extra: BEST of Seventeen #leftrightchallenge

Sleeping Seventeen

Jun with his shoe

Mingyu with their bodyguards (not celebs, but fun!)

Do you also wanna learn the Let & Right dance? Here's a tutorial by Seungkwan and Hoshi ;)

source: @CUBE_PTG, @ohmyjww 1, @iMe_DreamNote, cheolhansoo95, @svt13_hd_, @winnietan_17, @CARATSmeanie (thread), @CHUNGHA_MNHent, @younghotyellow, MCDEGGTART
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