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Seungri's court trial to be held by Ground Operations Command

Big Bang Seungri's military court trial for eight charges including arranging prostitution will be held by the Ground Operations Command.

According to army officials and other sources, Seungri's case has been assigned to the Seoul Central District Court's Criminal Agreement Department. After Seungri completed his basic military training, accordingly, the 26th Criminal Department of the South Central District Court transferred the trial to the General Military Court of the Fifth Corps Command on May 15th.

The General Military Court of the Fifth Corps Command however did not directly take charge of the trial but transferred the case back to the General Military Court of the Ground Operations Command who filed the case on June 23rd.

The exact reason for the transfer is unknown, but the move is said to be taken in consideration of the gravity of the issue. The move is seen as intended to conduct trials at higher-level units and deal with them in greater depth.

The Ground Operations Command will conduct trial against Seungri for eight charges that include arranging prostitution and overseas gambling.

Source: Nate via DailyNaver (1, 2)

The stans are full force on Twitter today (they're trying to trend StayStrongS*ungri). Avoid it when you can.
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