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Mina updates fans for the first time since Jimin's leave from AOA

On the 10th, Mina shared a photo of her puppy lounging comfortably in the living room and wrote, "Not just acquaintances but really so many people sent me words of concern and support through DMs, texts, etc. I'm so sorry that I cannot respond to each message individually. I'm trying my best to read them all. I'm just really really grateful. You can stop worrying now."

She added, "I will receive treatment well and will come back healthy and show you a bright appearance soon. I will try a lot so everyone please take care until then. Don't forget to wear a mask. Be careful not to catch a cold even though it's hot. Thank you so much. Again, I'm sincerely sorry. Everyone find strength!"

Source: Naver via Daily Naver, kvwowv
Tags: aoa, ex-group members, social media/youtube
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