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Seventeen - Left & Right Promotion Roundup (Media heavy)

Official Video Uploads and Shows
[Official Uploads and Shows]
[Eng] Heng:garae Leaders Commentary x [Eng] DIY Album Decoration
[Eng] Mnet Comeback Show 🖤
Fearless Full Cam
x [Eng] MMTG Ep. 122 🖤
[Eng] Left&Right Cheer Guide 🖤 x [Eng] Left&Right MV Behind
[Eng] Jung Eunji's Gayo Plaza with Seungkwan, Vernon, Dino x [Eng] [ⓓxV] "What we need is sweet SEVENTEEN"
[Eng] Radio Star with Hoshi Cuts 1 2 3 4 x [Eng] Choi Hwajung's Power Time Radio with S.Coups, Jeonghan, Wonwoo
[Be Original] Seventeen - Left&Right (4K)
Full Focused | Scoups | Jeonghan | Joshua | Jun | Hoshi | Wonwoo | Woozi | The8 | Mingyu | DK | Seungkwan | Vernon | Dino
x Boom Boom Power with Joshua, Seungkwan
[Eng] MMTG Ep. 123 🖤 x [Eng] [ⓓxV] Mini Interview Hip Hop Unit
Left&Right Relay Dance 🖤 x Left&Right MV (Choreo Version)
Amazing Saturday with Woozi, Seungkwan
(Like17Subs is currently subbing)
x [Eng] Dingo Mafia Dance 🖤
Prologue/Spoiler | Behind
Left&Right Choreo Video x [Eng] Inside Seventeen - Left&Right Cheer Guide Behind
[Eng] Come Gather CARAT 🥰 x Lee Joon's Youngstreet with Jun, The8, Mingyu, DK
[Eng] Melon AZTalk x [Eng] Going Seventeen - Four Wheeled Rider #1
[Eng] K-POP Fangirling Reporter - Seventeen Video Message x [Eng] Seventeen Left&Right TikTok Challenge Tutorial
You Quiz on the Block Seungkwan Cuts 2 3 4 x [Eng] [ⓓxV] Mini Interview Vocal Unit
QQ Music Interview x [Eng soon] Monotube (T&H x SVT bracelet)
[Eng] The Tag
[Eng] Inside Seventen - Left&Right MV Reaction x My My Choreo Video
Where's My Home Jeonghan, Seungkwan Cuts 2 3 4 5 x [Eng] Inside Seventeen - Comeback Show Behind
[Eng] End of Heng:garae Andromeda 🖤 x

The8 and Jun also released Chinese Versions of The King: Eternal Monarch OST songs recently.

THE8 - Maze x JUN - Dream

[Eng] Let's Play Soccer Special - Spooky Coaching was recently subbed. DK is also a special MC for Stars' Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant in EP 34-36. KBS World is behind with subbing the full episodes by around 3 weeks, but already uploaded some EP 34 cuts. Seventeen are also doing those Huya Gaming Live Streams, I think two more will come out. Hoshi and Woozi also did Park Sohyun's Love Game, but I can't find a video.

Showcase and Music Show Performances
[Concert and Music Show Performances]
Pepsi Online Showcase

Intro + HIT + My My + Snap Shoot + Left&Right

200626 Music Bank

Group | Scoups | Jeonghan | Joshua | Jun | Hoshi | Wonwoo | Woozi | The8 | Mingyu | DK | Seungkwan | Vernon | Dino
x My My
Group One Take | Scoups | Jeonghan | Joshua | Jun | Hoshi | Wonwoo | Woozi | The8 | Mingyu | DK | Seungkwan | Vernon | Dino

200628 Inkigayo

My My
Group | Group Side Cam | Scoups | Jeonghan | Joshua | Hoshi | Wonwoo | Mingyu | DK | Dino
FaceCam: Jun | Hoshi | Woozi | The8 | Seungkwan | Vernon | Dino
x Left&Right
Group | Group Side Cam | The8 | Vernon | Dino
FaceCam: Scoups | Jeonghan | Joshua | Hoshi | Wonwoo | Mingyu | DK | Dino

200701 Show Champion

[Eng] Left & Right 1st Win

Mnet MCountdown

Left & Right x Left & Right 2nd Win + Encore
[MPD] Encore Fancam x Left&Right Jeonghan Meltin Fancam
Woozi | Hoshi

200703 Music Bank

Interview x Left&Right
Left&Right 3rd win x Encore

Music Core

Let&Right 4th Win

200705 Inkigayo

Left&Right x Left&Right Wonwoo Crop Top Fancam
Group | Scoups | Jeonghan | Hoshi | Mingyu | Dino
FaceCam: Scoups | Woozi

[Some more Wonwoo-crop-top-content because boy, did fans freak out]
Wonwoo even trended on twitter afterwards.


Charts and Numbers

[Charts and Numbers]
Physical Charts

On its first day, Heng:garae sold 462,003 copies - breaking their previous record of +168K with An Ode. They also have the 3rd highest first day sales in 2020 and the 3rd highest first day sales by boygroups on Hanteo. Within 5 days, Heng:garae reached 1M sales and finished up their first week sales with a total of 1,097,8**, achieving the 2nd highest first week sales in 2020 and 3rd highest first week sales overall on Hanteo. The graphic below also shows Seventeen's first week album sales progress from debut to now.

Also, on ktown4u, Chinese Carats bought ~330K albums. An interesting number for next time, when there's discussion on where Seventeen's sales primarily come from: Korea, Japan, China. (Also, their first week sales could have been potentially higher, multiple fans got emails from distributors that preorders would get delayed due to manufacturing issues.) Heng:garae also was Seventeen's biggest Korean album debut on Oricon Charts with over 100K sold units (An Ode sold +52K in its first week).

Digital Charts

Left&Right did (and still does) quite well on the digital charts. It debuted on #6 on Melon (their 4th highest debut on Melon) and managed to grab the #1-spot on melon right before the chart-freeze happened in a gripping show. It's only their third song, that has hit #1 on Melon! (The other two are Thanks and A-Teen).

[Relive the gripping moments at the twelfth hour]
The situation right now: Left&Right debuted on Melon on #6 at 7PM and pretty much got up one spot per hour till it was #2 at 12PM. It's the last chance to get the song to #1 before the charts freezes at 1AM. Carats are FIRED UP. Also, a Carat was coolly telling Seventeen to not go to sleep yet because a #1 would happen...so there was just no.other.option. lol

Carats were fired up and the first 30 minutes were going good, but then, Left&Right's green line started to show signs of struggling...

Seventeen´s reactions to 1st place

Left&Right was also Seventeen's first #1 on Genie!! Left&Right's daily rank on its first day on melon was #26 (Fear was #60 back then) and was able to hold and improve its position to the songs highest daily rank #16 by the end of the 2nd promo week. Its first week rank on melon was #27. (Second week rank reached #18 - their highest charting song since A-Teen). Here are some comparison numbers how other title songs did on their first weeks on Melon (cr. to @bichuisigan)
Left&Right: 27
Fear: 82
(HIT: 84)
Home: 32
Oh my: 23
Thanks: 34
Clap: 38
Dwc: 38
Boom boom: 68
Aju nice: 68
Pretty u: 45

Right after Seventeen ended their promotion, Melon's charting system got updated. Predictably, the tracks positions dropped, but Left&Right still held on quite well and placed #18 on the Melon Daily Chart, only dropping 2 positions.
The album also got #1 in 23 countries on the iTunes Album Chart (breaking another An Ode record) and debuted at #1 on the iTunes Worldwide Album Charts.

Online Fansigns

[Online Fansigns]
Surprisingly, what I've seen from the online fansigns so far, everything largely went (or still is) going pretty well and seems to be enjoyable for both parties :)

Mingyu imitating other members' selcas

Comparison pics

Reverse Fansign

Some SNS Updates

[More #LeftandRightChallenge TikToks]
Past Omona Post


Others: Ex-X1 member Hangyul with gym-buddy Hoshi, Nana and her drama co-actors, Ex-Miss A member FEI , Dreamcatcher, Ravi, NCT Renjun, Astro, The Boyz

[Some SNS Updates]
DK covering Baekhyun's Candy

Woozi and Seungkwan doing the #Mariachallenge

Woozi and Hoshi doing the #SummerHateChallenge


The chronicles of how Seventeen lost 3 members

Woozi - the new joke and ad-lib master-judge



What else happened?
Seventeen did a collab with Thief&Heist for a bracelet. Mingyu apologized for the Itaewon outing during the album press showcase. The Hotdog Alliance is alive and well. Seventeen the magazine's insta bio clarify that they are not Seventeen the band. The guys updated that after promotions ended, they were having a small break. Some went home, and Seungkwan and DK went to watch Mozart. Jun was also spotted eating with Renjun and Chenle. For those who are interested in watching Xcalibur, it's available with subtitles here. (The perf features Kai as Arthur though, not DK). And yay, Seventeen now live in 3 dorms (with all but Meanie using solo rooms) and use 4 cars. Carats also beautifully decorated the DIY album 1 2 3.

Videos: Big Hit Labels, Seventeen, MMTG, carrotgyuu, HAMZZI, Dispatch, KOCOWA TV, SBS Radio, Studio Choom, ohmyjww listography, 1 7, M2, tvn, ohmyjww, Like17Subs, Seventeen Vlive, seventeenlyrics, rawfudge, tvN, Monotube, SBS Radio, MBCEntertainment, Mnet K-POP, M2, KBS World, SBS Kpop, Coffee Table, menjunfei, garnishoon, Harujisoo, Savior_951004, 17_17gram
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Other: guojeu, mincheols_, KITTY_ver2, J1HOON, mwoozic, leeuji, coldartistg, soonberries, kidmingyu, bbyobo, fangirllvyn, Jwwoo_

I started this much too late, so this is a week too late. I enjoyed this era so so much, it felt like Seventeen and especially Scoups too were so at ease and relaxed this comeback that it rubbed off on the fans too and made it really fun for everyone. It was pretty much perfect.
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