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Here we go again: Mnet to launch new teen audition show "CAP-TEEN"

The program “CAP-TEEN,” which is aimed for a teenage audience, will be premiering in October. It’s described that the show will give teenagers who want to be K-pop stars the chance to perform on stage and its goal is to create new teenage stars.

While Mnet’s show “High School Rapper” focused on teenagers who dreamed of excelling in the world of hip hop, “CAP-TEEN” is accepting applicants who are talented in a variety of different areas, including singing, dancing, and rapping.

“CAP-TEEN” is open to not only individual contestants, but also groups. The winner of the show will be given the chance to release a debut song that was produced by a star producer with choreography by one of Korea’s best dance teams.

Mnet is accepting applicants for “CAP-TEEN” until August 28.

Source: Naver via Soompi, @soompi
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