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Marz (MZMC) is fired (?) from SM Entertainment, files copyright claims for a bunch of SM tracks

  • In 2018, EXO's "Love Shot" was accused of plagiarising Louis Tomlinson's "Back to You"; Love Shot was produced by MZMC and SM Entertainment was forced to add Louis Tomlinson as one of the writers of the song

  • The tiff died down for a bit before both parties were once again involved in a copyright war, this time with each other; the issue also died down right after

  • MZMC was recently fired/quit (not really sure if he's fired or quit but most people are leaning towards fired due to his plagiarism issues) and he claimed copyrights for the songs he produced for SM (the songs are found below)

  • In a recent IG live, MZMC claims that SM pays producers horribly and that Chinese companies pay 25x-30x the amount SM pays

  • He also says in the IG live that SM only has master rights of the song but not the sync rights (I'm super confused at this part so can anyone help me out please?); EDIT: A master licence is the right to use/own a master recording of a song for use on records. A sync licence is the right to use that master recording for repurposing into other forms of media (commercials, TV BGM, recorded performances)

  • It is assumed that SM is legally not allowed to distribute these songs or make money off of them but can still be performed so long as SM compensates him and arrangements were made beforehand; but they cannot post live performances of the songs or use it in advertisements, other media, etc.; these are all assumptions however so nothing is 100% sure; EDIT: According to vintage_boom, "They can use the original recordings of the songs on future albums (like greatest hits) or reprints of the original albums they appeared on. Live performances in the future can be recorded with permission from the rights holders. Live performances can still be done in concert since that's a separate license entirely."

  • NCT will be releasing a concert DVD for NCT DREAM SHOW on August 5th but "We Go Up," "Best Friend" and "Candle Light" were excluded due to copyright issues

  • As of writing, SM has yet to release a statement regarding this

Here's a list of the songs MZMC is claiming copyright for:

Sources: @NCTshaderoom (1, 2), @YUTAL0VER, @SM_NCT, Bbangya News, kpopthoughts on reddit

Added clarifications on some points. Many thanks to vintage_boom for the help!
Tags: court / legal issues, sm entertainment

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