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Big Hit-MBC beef continues as GFriend boycotts Music Core

GFriend is boycotting MBC's 'Show! Music Core' for comeback promotions.

According to an exclusive report by Xports News on the 14th, although GFriend just made their comeback on the 13th, fans won't be able to see the group perform on 'Music Core'.

This is because BTS' agency, Big Hit, that recently acquired GFriend's agency Source Music in July 2019, is still in conflict with MBC since last year. This was caused by BTS' inability to appear in the "2019 MBC Music Festival" due to their overseas schedule.

Afterwards, Gfriend was also excluded from the 2019 MBC Music Festival and Seventeen's agency Pledis, acquired by Big Hit at the time, also failed to appear on 'Music Core.'

In the meantime, GFriend will unveil their comeback song 'Apple' for the first time on Mnet's 'M Countdown' on the 16th.

Source Music confirms GFriend will not appear on Music Core

On July 14, Source Music told CBS No Cut News, “GFRIEND will not be appearing on ‘Music Core’ for their promotions this time.” GFRIEND also did not promote their last album “回:LABYRINTH” on “Music Core” despite appearing on other music show broadcasts.

An unconfirmed report by Korean media outlet Newsen speculated that the decision has to do with Big Hit Entertainment’s rumored conflict with MBC following BTS‘s absence from the 2019 MBC Music Festival. However, MBC previously denied accusations of abusing their power to purposely prevent Big Hit artists from appearing on the show. Source Music was acquired by Big Hit Entertainment in July 2019.

MBC responds

“Music Core” has issued a statement about the news that GFRIEND will not be appearing on the show for their “Apple” promotions.

The statement is almost identical to the one issued by “Music Core” in June regarding SEVENTEEN not appearing on the show, after Big Hit became the largest shareholder of their agency Pledis Entertainment in May.

“Music Core” shared the following statement on July 14:

Hello. This is MBC’s “Music Core.”

The staff of “Music Core” is always working hard to invite singers from many different genres to our program to create stages that stand out from other music programs.

The staff has sent requests for GFRIEND to appear on our show, and we wish for them to appear on our show and perform for our viewers.

The “Music Core” staff will continue to work hard to create the greatest stages for fans of K-pop.

Thank you.

Sources: Naver via Daily Naver, Naver (1, 2, 3) via Soompi, @dailynaver
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