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Han Seo Hee "highly likely" to be sent to prison for violation her probation

It will be decided by the end of July whether Han Seo Hee will be sentenced to prison for taking drugs during her probation.

A source from within legal circles revealed to OSEN that "the possibility that Han Seo Hee will be imprisoned for violating her probation is "highly likely."

In an exclusive report to OSEN, the insider revealed that "if Han Seo Hee is sentenced to prison in in a new trial to be held in late July, her probation will be canceled."

"In addition, Han Seo Hee might be facing additional prison time in the new trial on top of her original three year suspended prison term for violating her probation."

The probation office under the Ministry of Justice revealed on the 10th that it has secured a positive drug test after conducting an unexpected urine test on Han Seo-hee on the 8th.

Currently, the probation office has filed an application with the court to cancel Han Seo-hee's suspended sentence on drug charges. In the meantime, Han Seo-hee has been detained at a related facility and is under investigation by law enforcement authorities for violating drug management law.

Source: Naver via Daily Naver, @dailynaver
Tags: court / legal issues, drugs
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