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(TW: discussion of suicide) Former ILUV member Minah disputes agency's claims

Follow-up from this post

On the evening of July 16, news outlet OSEN published an article with quotes from a representative of ILUV, following the release of the agency WKS ENE’s statement (see original article below).

The representative said in a call with OSEN that while Minah has stated that her contract was terminated, this is not the case. The source also stated, “Minah’s solo album was being prepared for at the company. During the process of setting up BOTOPASS, the ILUV members were fairly given the chance to audition so we tried to complete the group again. Minah was also offered the opportunity to audition, but she didn’t take part because of her health issue. So the company was also thinking about Minah’s solo album.”

The source went on to say that while they tried to contact Minah after she uploaded her social media posts, she refused to meet with them in person and told her they should talk through lawyers. They said, “We requested through her lawyer that she no longer defame and spread false information about the members, however she wrote a post asking why she should keep the unjust things she’s gone through a secret.”

Later that evening, Minah posted a screenshot of Instagram direct messages she received from someone who appears to be a malicious commenter, who told her to die.

Her post is as follows:

Do I have to die for this to be over?

Will you finally believe me then?

I wasn’t going to post on social media, but I kept getting angry over news articles about me.

My depression, panic disorder, and insomnia came about after I joined the company and they were caused by the members. Everyone in the company knows.

Everyone knew that I was having a hard time because of the members.

You told me not to work until the fall. I’ve never even heard about a solo album. Stop lying.

And don’t message me over KakaoTalk using informal speech. We don’t know each other now, but you’re rude so I’ll move on.

Should we disclose the certificate of contents? Can you handle it?

Did you think I’d sign the confidentiality agreement you sent me? Why am I not allowed to tell my own story? Are you afraid of what I’ll say?

You sent me a confidentiality agreement because what I’m saying is true.

I’m powerless and I can’t put out my own articles either, so the only place I can tell my side of the story is here.

I almost died and now I’m not scared of anything.

For your information, Sooyeon is mentioned in the news but it’s not Sooyeon. I never mentioned her.

Source: Naver and E Today via Soompi, choco._.ah

If you or a person you know are having suicidal thoughts and need help, don't hesitate and call one of the numbers on this list.
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