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BTS will release "Memories of 2019" DVD

Every year Big Hit releases a DVD full of memories from the year before and 2019 was a good one for BTS. From the Grammys, the release of "Map Of The Soul: PERSONA" - breaking records in the way - to their triump to the MMA and the MAMA, the fans will enjoy more than 10h30 of content ! Last year the Memories DVD was 8 hours and next year the DVD will be 2 hours tops.
The release date is yet to be announced.

Source: BANGTAN TV, Showbiz Cheat Sheet

I barely knew BTS in 2019 but tears will be shed. It's really expensive to be a K-pop fan when you love to collect everything.
I hope there's at least 5 hours of Jin and his window wipers laugh.
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