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G-Dragon, “I found myself tearing up as I handed over ‘Lies’”

After their debut, the group ‘Big Bang’ received much attention for being a “skill-based idol group”. Since they did their own writing, composing, choreography and even styling, they were considered ‘new concept’ idols. This group that wore black clothes with painted faces, tilted hats and looked like they belonged in a dark alleyway soon gained the nickname of ‘the Dark Idols’.

”Early after our debut, I made all the members work even harder. It was my job as a leader, so I had no choice but to play the bad guy. When people see me outside of work they say I’m a fool, but when I’m working I calculate everything because I’m very timid like most blood-type A’s. I keep telling myself that I have to pay attention and be serious. People tell me that I get this look in my eyes when I’m working.”

During break times, he’s just an immature hyung who likes playing annoying pranks but when they’re working, he’s scary and doesn’t hesitate to give criticism. Though he’s usually more disarranged than his maturer dongsaengs Daesung and Seungri, he’s a strict perfectionist when it comes to work.

”I practised really hard, and wrote songs furiously. I actually wrote ‘Lies’ to use as my solo piece. ‘Cos we were really into house music [techno/electronica] at the time. President Yang had gone to Japan or Hong Kong then so I emailed the song to him. I was embarrassed because I’d just written it and I thought he’d criticise it but he called not even 5 minutes after I’d sent it. He said ‘This is it! This is the one. I’m really sorry but forget your solo and let’s use it as a Big Bang song. It’s going to be the title track.’”

The first thing G-Dragon felt was disappointment. He had been promised solo promotions, and he didn’t know how long it he would have to wait now. As an artist and an individual, disappointment was inevitable.

”I’d spent days and nights writing that song, and I had to rewrite it as a song the group could sing together. He’d basically said ‘This isn’t your song, it’s Big Bang’s’. I’d made the music since our first album, and as a producer I did think that Big Bang was more important, but I still found myself tearing up.”

So the 20 year old G-Dragon stared vacantly out his window one dawn, watching the day grow brighter.

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Translation by sjay.x @ BBVIP.net
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