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T.O.P under controversy for sharing deep-fake video of BLACKPINK

Netizens are in deep anger over Big Bang TOP x BLACKPINK deep-fake video circulating online.

On the 20th, TOP posted a deep-fake video on his Instagram that showed TOP's face synthesized onto the bodies of BLACKPINK members using deep-fake technology from their latest music video 'How You Like That.'

However, netizens are in deep anger over the video because of its use of AI technology that has recently been abused for digital sex crimes in Korea.

Netizens retorted in anger writing, "What are you doing to BLACKPINK?" "This is not some technical problem and really scary to see in person." "It's so creepy. Please stop sharing deep-fake videos with overseas fans." "What is this...? I can't believe he posted it himself." "Wow, BLACKPINK fans are so disgusting."

Other netizens responded favorably saying that he only shared the video as a joke. They argued that he was only showing off his senior-junior relationship with BLACKPINK since they're in the same agency. Netizens stated, "That's amazing. How can you do that?" "When will your album come out," "It's funny," and "Isn't it just like a vine?"

In the meantime, TOP recently concluded his mandatory military enlistment. Even though he alluded to retirement, he was planning on making a return to music through Coachella stage in April but the event was cancelled due to Coronavirus.

Source: Nate via Daily Naver, @dailynaver, choi_seung_hyun_tttop
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