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Netflix responds to reports of "Kingdom" prequel starring Jun Ji Hyun

On July 20, Munhwa Ilbo reported that “Kingdom” was preparing to launch a new prequel starring Jun Ji Hyun, who made a surprise appearance at the end of season two. The report cited a source from “Kingdom” who claimed that the prequel would center around Jun Ji Hyun’s character Ah Shin and how she became a warrior, led by director Kim Sung Hoon.

The source stated, “It was difficult for the lead actors of the first two seasons of ‘Kingdom’ to immediately start filming for the third season due to scheduling conflicts, so the continuation of their story after season two will probably come in two or three years.” They added, “We will first be bringing the prequel story, where Jun Ji Hyun will be joined by a mostly-new cast of characters.”

A different report by Star News claimed that the prequel would be a 70-minute short film and they were in the final stages of discussions. They also reported that filming is set to begin in October for the prequel.

In response to these reports, a source from Netflix stated, “Nothing has been decided yet on future plans for ‘Kingdom’ There’s nothing we can confirm as of now, including the lead actors, screenwriter, or director. It hasn’t even been decided whether there will be a prequel or not.”

Source: Naver (1, 2) and JoyNews24 via Soompi, @soompi
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