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Kim Heechul personally shares update on legal action over malicious comments

On July 22, Heechul took to Instagram to post a photo of documents, with the top page showing an official criminal complaint being submitted for alleged violation of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.

He wrote the following message:

I’m showing no leniency.
Even if there’s a settlement, I will be giving everything to my lawyer.
Thank you to the lawyers at Jung Sol and the detectives at the Seoul Gangnam Police Station.
I won’t stop here and will keep catching malicious commenters.
To my fans who continue to fight with the horrible malicious commenters, who collect the information, and who give me strength… it must have been harder for you than anyone… I’m so grateful.
Although I may continue to be someone who just can’t catch a break, I’ll be Universe Star Kim Heechul who doesn’t cause trouble!!

Heechul has previously talked about how he considers IU a role model in the way she deals with malicious comments, as she shows absolutely no leniency.

During a Twitch broadcast in April, Heechul shared that he was planning to take legal action against malicious commenters. He said, “I’ve looked into filing criminal complaints over malicious comments. I’m not planning to fight with malicious commenters; I want to catch them all instead.” He added, “The fine isn’t what’s important. I just want to bring them all to the police station. Since I won’t lose anything, I’m not going to be lenient.”

Source: kimheenim, Naver (1, 2) via Soompi
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