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Juicy details of the Kim Jong Kook and Lee Hyori Scandal?

Man… I was really hoping for something juicy, but what a let down!

Before we begin though, I need to get this out of my system. I love both of these stars, especially Kim Jong Kook. I know right now everyone’s got a “WTF” face on, but he’s the reason why I fell in love with k-pop. I still remember the day when I picked up that Turbo 2nd album and saw the first performance of Twist King on Gayo Top 10. Yeah, that was the name of the music program back in the prehistoric era.

Anyway, during the latest filming of KBS 2TV’s Sweet Night, Kim Jong Kook finally revealed details of the Lee Hyori scandal.

“The truth is, during the Family Outing days, we had the most awkward relationship. I don’t even know her cellphone number.”

Kim Jong Kook added:

“One time there was a situation where Lee Hyori was in my car for 15 minutes, but that 15 minutes felt like 15 years. We almost died because it was so awkward. Eventually, because it was so awkward, Hyori couldn’t take it and got out.”

And all this time I thought Kim Jong Kook was such a pimp. What happened to those Turbo days?! This guy was the Twist King!

Source: allkpop
Tags: kim jong kook, lee hyori

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