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SNSD reveals their ideal guys

SNSD members Jessica and Hyoyeon revealed their ideal guys or rather, the “men of their dreams,” during the filming of KBS 2TV’s Sweet Night.

Jessica chose Ko Soo, or rather sold Sooyoung out, “In one of my latest dreams, Ko Soo appeared. When Sooyoung found out, because she likes Ko Soo, we got into an argument.”

As for Hyoyeon, who enjoyed the MBC drama Queen Seon Duk, stated that Kim Nam Gil who played the role of Bidam, appeared in her dreams.

“I dreamt of Kim Nam Gil, who actually appeared as Bidam.”

Hyoyeon added:

“Kim Nam Gil came to my place and when I opened the door, he suddenly held me. Since then, I’ve felt like he was my boyfriend. But the truth is, I’ve never even met him once in person.”

Yeah, that sounds about right, only in her dreams, or should I say Bidam’s nightmares. Just kidding, but anyway, the light switch is that way —>

The episode will air on the 7th.

Source: allkpop
Tags: girls generation, jessica, tv shows

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