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Actress A accused of abusing her golf caddie breaks her silence

An actress A accused of abusing her golf caddie has spoken out regarding the allegations.

An anonymous article was posted in an online community where the author alleged that in late June, actress A visited a golf course near Seoul with acquaintances and abused the golf caddie.

In a telephone interview with Hankyung on the 23rd, actress A addressed the allegations and stated, "I'm going crazy because I'm being falsely accused of abusing my power. I know everyone is saying I'm the actress that overused her power at the golf course but that's not true. I was offended by the caddie's lack of manners so I asked for an apology. I couldn't hide my disappointment."

A explained, "I visited the golf course happily after a long time but my caddie that was helping me hurt my feelings with his comments. He kept saying, "you're slow" shouting "why are you doing it like that, this is how you do it." I was the one paying but he treated me that way. I was in a really bad mood and didn't want to talk to him so I asked him to apologize properly but he ignored me."

She added, "I was so upset and angry that I told all the people around me and advised them to post a review. How is that overusing my power? He's saying I didn't play well because I was taking pictures? I didn't take any photos that entire game. I never once got a proper apology and yet I'm the one unilaterally getting cursed at and criticized. What am I supposed to do?"

Netizens speculated that A was actress Park Soo In who has since made her SNS private after malicious comments began flooding her account.

1. [+2,759, -499] Anyone that has ever played golf can tell right away that Park Soo In is lyingㅋㅋ. That caddy probably did everything she was asking because one payment at a place like that is probably the same price as caviar. If the caddy really acted like that couldn't she have called the office and reported him?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+1,794, -384] There are a lot of weird caddies nowadays though. I'm really curious where this golf course is. Public courses have really weird caddies so its never a good idea to take only one with you.

3. [+881, -169] A lot people nowadays learn golf but not the manners that go with it. If the team in front is moving too slow then the team behind has to wait on them. It's clearly her fault for slowing everyone else down.

4. [+396, -61] I heard rumors its Park Soo in...anyone else hear that too?

5. [+387, -70] Stop with the victim cosplay~

6. [+322, -25] I saw Park Soo In's SNS. She recently posted about being at a golf course not that long ago. From the video she shared on her IG while on the golf course you could tell there was a crowd behind her but she was chatting and taking photos asking "who the tanned caddy was." I heard that she hurt her ribs in a car accident not that long ago so why was she even at Jeju Island Golf in the first place? I'm sure its her. She needs to live her life well if she doesn't want any criticism.

7. [+279, -17] Let's be careful about pointing fingers because a lot of people needlessly criticize celebrities for overuse of power when its not true. I know one of the basic requirements for working in service industry is kindness but there's always two sides to every story..

8. [+250, -57] I'm not trying to say she's lying but I've been playing golf for over 20 years and I've never once seen a caddie tell a client their golf game is terrible and don't even apologize.

Source: Naver via Daily Naver
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