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G-Dragon questioned by Korean authorities

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Korean pop idol G-Dragon was summoned by Korean authorities last night and questioned for about an hour, according to the criminal investigation department at the Seoul East District Court.

In a phone conversation with Asia Economic Daily on Friday, the department official explained that they had confidentially brought in the singer to investigate the recent controversy surrounding his solo concert, for which he was accused of displaying sexually explicit behavior during the performances.

The leader of idol group Big Bang, who showed up at the court around 8:45 PM, was questioned by authorities for approximately one hour.

The hour-long questioning was regarding the singer's concert -- held December 5 to 6 at Seoul's Olympic Park -- where he had allegedly shown sexually suggestive dances and body movements. Authorities are looking into whether the choreography had been planned in advance by agency YG Entertainment and whether they were aware that presenting such obscene behavior might suggest sexual acts.

In early December, Korea's Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs had asked prosecutors to investigate the

21-year-old musician on two counts; whether he had violated Korea's teenage protection law by singing a song which had been pronounced as hazardous media material for teenagers and whether he had committed a criminal offense by displaying sexually suggestive dance moves during a performance.

Some 1,000 fans and concert attendees had filed a petition at the time, asking prosecution not to investigate or press charges against the singer. Others had voiced that entertainers should be allowed to express their creativity.

Yang Hyun-suk, President of YG, had issued a public apology saying that he will take full responsibility should the matter cause any legal problems.

G-Dragon, whose real name is Kwon Ji-yong, is the leader of five-member boy band Big Bang, one of the most successful pop groups in Korea. Known for writing most of the group's songs, he released his debut solo album "Heartbreaker" in August 2009, which produced four hit singles and became one of the best-selling records of the year.

Prosecutors are set to wrap up the investigation next week.

Source: asiae.co.kr

This article gives more detail as to what happened at interrogation.
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