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HYYH Notes with Taehyung + more BTS updates

Addition to this post:
  • The album jacket shoots are done according to Art Director Kim Taehyung

  • Yoongi is taking a semi-break from songwriting since he worked so much on D-2; he's currently relearning guitar and piano, and answers calculus questions to relieve stress

  • They haven't decided if they want to include this summer single in the album (which Jin has spoiled earlier to be coming out in October)

  • The English single will be something to uplift people who are exhausted because of the current pandemic

  • Fans are speculating that this might not have an MV as this might just be a special single

  • Namjoon has been working on the album and doing weight training

  • Hobi is also working on some music (probably Hope World 2)

Source: @Smeraldo_Books, @BTS_twt, V Live


So it looks like the Smeraldo posts are related to the October album drop but not the August 21st single. Anyway, I am:
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