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Afreeca vlogger catches hidden camera criminal during livestream, is accused of staging it

Afreeca BJ catches hidden camera criminal during livestream, is accused of fabricating the event

BJ Kim Ok-bun is expressing anger over alleged "manipulation" controversy.

Trigger warning: sexual harassment

Afreeca BJ Kim hosted a live broadcast while doing her part-time job at a PC bang in Siheung, Gyeonggi wearing a yellow fluorescent dress. While arranging PC chairs, a man wearing a hat approached her while her back was turned and snuck an up-skirt photo during the live stream.

Netizens that were watching the live broadcast left comments in the chat window and stated, "it looks like you just filmed a hidden camera criminal. Check the CCTV in the PC room."

Kim immediately checked the CCTV and caught the hidden camera criminal in the act. She immediately reported it to police who booked A on the spot.

Afterwards, she received comments that the event was "staged" for views. BJ Kim shared a post on her channel and stated, "It's 100% not staged. I'm so mad right now that I'm being blamed for this. I'm a victim. I want to curse at hidden camera criminals too but there are people posting saying that I faked the whole thing and are blaming the situation on my outfit. I 100% didn't fake anything. I'm not someone stupid enough to fabricate something like that to promote my channel."

Regarding criticism over her dress she stated, "I'm content with my part-time job but being a BJ is also a priority. I have no choice but to pay attention to what I wear during broadcast. The comments are funny. It's so ridiculous to blame the victim, calling me a "bar girl" saying that "I asked for it because of what I chose to wear." Those keyboard warriors that left comments like that are no different than the hidden camera criminal."

She added, "I will report everything and everyone that left malicious comments. Now I understand why celebrities and BJ's are under stress. I was the victim. I'm so angry that the criticism is being pointed at me. Still, there are those that left me consoling comments so thank you for worrying about me."

1. [+4,750, -93] Are they seriously saying she fabricated the whole thing when the police are even investigating the case? So are the police fake too?

2. [+3,131, -130] There are so many potential hidden camera criminals nowadays...is it necessary to do live streams wearing dresses like that?

3. [+2,069, -94] Afreeca itself is the worst...I hate it

4. [+1,595, -104] Obviously the person that did the hidden camera was wrong but this is why we need to ban broadcasts outside. I was shocked when I saw some streamer doing a live broadcast next to me while I was playing a game in the PC room.

5. [+507, -144] Those people that are calling this a "masterpiece" must find it hard to live in the real world..

6. [+311, -44] Men that blame victims for sex crimes are accomplices too..

7. [+208, -11] Afreeca TV needs to disband. I've even seen elementary schoolers do live streams there. What kind of education can you get from a place like that? What are kids learning nowadays?

8. [+188, -21] Isn't it too much to blame this on her dress? The perpetrator that took the up-skirt photo is the real problem.

Source: Naver via Daily Naver

We live in a society where people hate women.
Tags: sexual harassment / sexual assault, social media/youtube, trigger warning

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