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NCT's Yuta under fire for being friends with anti-Korean Youtuber

In a recent V Live, Yuta mentioned that Rheekun is one of his very close friends (he mentioned that they're "like brothers to him"). Rheekun is vehemently anti-Korean and misogynistic, and a few other claims.

  • Rheekun posts controversial content and made inappropriate comments at women; it also said that he used the deaths of Jonghyun and Sulli for clickbait

  • Koreans were outraged when they found out and began campaigning against him, demanding action from SM and that he be kicked out of NCT

  • International fans are saying that it was a mistranslation (Yuta and Rheekun met recently), implying that they only just met; Korean fans are quick to point out that "met recently" could mean differently

  • There's no clear information on Rheekun's nationality; some people claim he's Korean, some claim he's Japanese, some claim he's Japanese-Korean but identifies with the Japanese side more

  • International fans claim Korean fans are overreacting; Korean fans point out this is beyond K-Pop and mention the dark history of Korea and Japan

  • Some fans have created an e-mail template to send to SM

  • As of writing, Yuta has since then unfollowed Rheekun on IG; the VLive in question was also apparently deleted by SM (allegedly due to copyright)

Source: kpopthoughts on Reddit, petillanteskz, pannchoa
Tags: cultural insensitivity / racism, nct, scandals
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