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Joo Ji Hoon Shares Secrets Behind Filming Action Scenes, His Opinion On Using Stunt Doubles, & More

-The actor who has been having a big few years in both tv and film talked about his work on Kingdom and his future projects (2 films and 1 drama with Jun Ji Hyun (Yay for age appropriate leads!!) next year.

-“When you film a difficult scene, you realize that it’s all the staff’s hard work. The martial arts director helps us out, and the actors put it all together.”

-Said that the one take action scene on Kingdom was tiring on his body since he weighs 80 kilograms (176 pounds),as he said his fingers broke and he lost strength in his legs while shooting the elaborate sequence.

-“There are people who argue that the actors themselves must film even the scenes that show just their back or are shot from afar,” he said. “However, that is only possible when there are safety devices and a sufficient budget. If I fall from the horse, filming will be postponed for up to three months, and the expenses are tremendous.” (Says its to save the project not his body)

-For the horse riding sequences (from the back), he suggest using stunt doubles for extra safety measures as actors don't receive extra pay when it comes to performing dangerous scenarios.

-“Action scenes involve physical labor, but there are a lot of instances where every detailed emotion can be laboring when acting for other genres.”

-Says that he's been acting for 16 years, and says no project or scene has been easy

-Right now, has been taking it easy before he turns 40 next year and bicycling every chance he gets before gearing up his next projects soon

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