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Nana Talks About Her “Into The Ring” Character + Her Co-Star Park Sung Hoon's Photoshoot/Interview

-Her first foray into rom-com turned out better than expected, she was pleased that her fiery and tenacious character got a lot of positive feedback. And that not doubting herself or the work and having confidence of feeling that it's right is what she strives for in the future.

-“In some scenes, I can appear like I’m ruining my image, but you can’t always be pretty when you’re acting. It’s nice to look pretty on the screen, but I don’t try to do that.”

-On her chemistry with her co-star: “I think our coordination when we act is really great because we get along in many ways outside of acting. It’s so fun when we have a lot of ideas while we act and we discuss them, and we can’t stop laughing on set because we have the same sense of humor.”

-On his first lead role: “I was worried at first, but it’s a lot better than what I had expected it to be. It’s all thanks to the good atmosphere of the drama set. I’m pretty shy around strangers, so it takes quite some time for me to get comfortable, but about two-thirds of the staff, including Nana, are from my previous drama ‘Justice,’ so I was able to work more comfortably with them.”

On what led him to the show: “The topics involving a district office, district council, and local politics were very fresh. I was curious about the unfamiliar material, and I was also attracted to the fact that a young female character would lead the plot.”

-Wanted to play a rom-com role because he played several anti-social characters prior to the show

“There was a time when I was a member of a theater company, and I went to the theater even when there was no work for me. I did all kinds of things, from helping my senior actors practice to cleaning up. Since I had no income, I did a lot of part-time jobs. I think my I built my endurance like that without realizing it.”

-Says that he's a foodie, and he's reluctant to share his foodie places on Instagram.

-Says that he's like a race horse, once he has something set in mind, he goes for it. However, leading a drama also requires him to lead his junior actors as well and he says it can be overwhelming.

-His end goal is to have his face on Apgujeong Rodeo Street, and see his face on a movie billboard.

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Is anyone here watching Into the Ring? It's fantastic and Nana is killing it there. She's a kick-ass/takes charge female character who fights for justice!
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