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Flashback Friday

Last day of July! Every week I check the charts for this day in the past and post the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, let’s look back and see what was on top for the 5th week of July, 2016. A nice mix of songs this week!

#3 Seventeen “Very Nice”
This song was the lead single from the repackage of the group’s first album. I think this is my earliest memory of them? I think it’s the suspenders lol. I love suspenders. Still not clear what’s going on in the music video. She’s…just killing them? Making their hearts explode? Is that what’s happening here? With her mind? What kind of power? And looking so unbothered by these boys. I love that energy lol.

#2 Wonder Girls “Why So Lonely”
Ugh they are so gorgeous! I love all this styling so much. This was the first Wonder Girls single not written by JYP, and the three songs released on the single were written by the members themselves. They also played their own instruments. I love this music video too. Perhaps I too have shoved a useless male mannequin into the trunk of my car but that is beside the point. This would end up being the group’s final #1 song, they would formally disband 6 months later.

#1 GFRIEND “Navillera”
2016 was the group’s big breakout year. This was the lead single from their first album “LOL”, and would debut at the top spot. It also was the follow up to “Rough”, their very first #1 that was released earlier this year. This song would win a total of 14 music show trophies, the second most wins for a girl group. The most girl group wins that year? That would be “Rough”. And with all those wins I still don’t remember this song lol. I do remember the MV though. They look cute!

Honorable Mentions

#4 Beast “Ribbon”

This was one of the singles from their “Highlight” album. It was the group’s first release after Hyunseung left, and the group’s last release under the name “Beast”. Do you think if they pulled a Shinhwa and took it to court that they would have been able to keep the name? Or maybe was it time to move on? At the end of the year they launched their own label after leaving CUBE. This album would hit the top spot on the charts, and this song would peak at #4.

#9 NCT 127 “Fire Truck”
So I’m not too familiar with NCT or their sub-units, but from what I could gather from Wikipedia, this is NCT 127’s debut song? After the announcement of the unit debut, this music video was released just a week later. I do remember this song, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the MV before. Just out there spraying people with water hoses? Why? What is going on here? For the second time this week, Grandma is yet again confused by a music video. Youths!

source: 1theK 1 2, JYP Entertainment, BEAST Official YouTube Channel, SMTOWN & kbsworld
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hold on, navillera is already 4 years old? nct is already 4 years old?
????? wow time flies.

i love why so lonely, one of my favorite WG songs.

I know NCT has been around for 4 years, but I can't recall Fire Truck being released the same time as WSL ._. Ehhhhh, I can now I admit that I can finally listen to Fire Truck without cringing so I think it has actually grown on me along with Cherry Bomb and Simon Says. But 127's best songs are still Limitless, Superhuman, Kick It and Regular.
the aju nice encore at the la concert this year was at least 10 minutes long and they came back on stage like five times lmao, i loved it so much.

navillera is probably my fav gfriend song. every time i listen to it i just feel like going on an adventure!

i think this is the first post where i'm familiar with most of the songs. the only i don't know is ribbon.
Why So Lonely was a culture change. I’ve loved every single thing about it. Navillera is my absolute favorite Gfriend song. It’s so good and makes me feel like a main character in an anime.
NA NA NA NAVILLERA!! what a pleasant surprise to see it as #1! It's literally my favourite KPOP song ever, it's been my ringtone for years and I still listen to it on the daily. It's just....idk. It's got a special kind of energy that I find so uplifting. 2016 was such an incredible year for GFriend.
Navilerra was before my buddy days but that album is SO good!

And WSL is such a lovely WG track. I only wish we got those other songs they mentioned having but didn't realize but I wonder if, like siren, they've been repurposed
Aju Nice!!! I momentarily forgot Jeonghan used to have long hair.

The makeup is SO nice in WSL
omfg i can't believe navillera is 4 years old. LOL was such a good album.

i like why so lonely a lot, but i honestly preferred to the beautiful you. the entire single was solid tho.

i don't mess w/ the boy groups but that seventeen song seriously bangs.
navillera was such a good title track! I remembered it was well received and there were talks of a new trilogy. it remains one of my favourite title tracks from them, together with fingertip (pity about that one though).

WSL really brought WG back to the public eye. all 3 tracks from that album were strong and I loved listening to all 3 of them.
I wish NCT 127 stayed like this. It was the only way Taeil prob could have gotten screen time and lines. Now everyone in NCT is in that subgroup.
wow this was a great week! why so lonely was an instant classic and such a great summer bop. navillera might be one of my favorite songs by gfriend and i quote 아주 nice in my head all the time
WHY SO LONELY!!! that song is flawless and timeless.
also i didn't really like gfriend at that time for some reason but i've grown to appreciate their music now.
I like the Very Nice video because I too have confetti explode through my chest whenever I make eye contact with a beautiful woman
thank you!
Oh the atrocious styling in Fire Truck lol. Re: the MV, it looked like they were spraying the water hoses to mess around but it was briefly shown near the end that they were actually protecting/saving the girl from fire/danger/bad people throughout her life.

I thought I like Me Gustas Tu best out of all GFriend songs but it turns out I play Navillera just as much if not more.
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