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[Eng] Yulhee's House: Yulhee shares her daily life on her vlog channel!

  • Yulhee does morning stuff and chores around the house

  • They get a cute blue sofa delivered

  • Yulhee plays with and feeds the twins, Ah-yoon and Ah-rin, and Jaeyul

  • Jaeyul is a bit sick

Source: 율희의 집
Tags: ex-group members, family, laboum
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the twins are so adorable with their squishy cheeks! Jaeyul's also growing up to be a goodlooking kid. but damn how does Yulhee cope with 3 kids, since her husband is probably in the army right
her mother in law helps a lot I think, also not having to worry about money with nice big house helps.


August 1 2020, 11:20:33 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  August 1 2020, 11:37:56 UTC

Minhwan is a reserve soldier so he generally has 9-5pm schedules and actually gets to come home. He takes care of the kids when he's home, we just don't see him because he's not allowed to be on screen.

Both their families also help out, especially the Choi grandparents who live in the same building and usually look after Jaeyul if Yulhee needs to focus on the twins. I also think Jaeyul started going to daycare?
Yulhee's channel is fun to watch! For those not that interested in the kids, she also sometimes uploads other stuff (she did a dance cover recently).

It'll be nice to see how Jaeyul interacts with the twin girls when they're a bit older.
adorableeeeeeee kids! I hope they're always healthy and that mommy gets to rest well. I know how challenging it is to take care of a toddler and a baby (my kids are less than 2yrs apart) so I'm glad she seems to have good support from their families.
gosh I cant imagine having 3 kids at 22, but she seems to have a great support system around her and the babies are so cute