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Oh Jung Se Garners Positive Attention For Making Special Memories With Fan At Amusement Park

-Oh Jung Se is currently starring as Moon Sang Tae in "It's Okay to Not be Okay," for his portrayal of someone with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).He met up with a fan whose sister reached out to him, after the fan saw his portrayal on the show.

-"Additionally, more pictures were posted on his Instagram account, which appears to be run by his mother, along with the heartfelt caption, “If you meet an angel? They’re dazzling. You can’t look directly at them. You cry, both before and after you meet them. It was such a dazzling time that I’ll look at the pictures one by one.”

-"After the meeting, Bae Boum Joon’s mother also posted artwork drawn by her son for Oh Jung Se. Along with the picture, she wrote a long post detailing the events of the day and conveying her gratitude to Oh Jung Se as well as to the others who helped make the special meeting a reality."

Sources: Soompi I By Way Of: Naver I Twitter: @kdramadump I @kdramantasy I @iconickdramas
Tags: actor/actress, drama, fan meeting
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