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Innisfree pays tribute to Yoona ending 11-year model contract

Parting with the woman who has been its face for 11 years, Korean cosmetic brand Innisfree has paid a special tribute to Yoona from Girls' Generation.

The beauty product arm of Amore Pacific, which promotes "natural healings from Jeju Island for your skin," updated its Instagram page early this month regarding the star's departure.

Ending its "long journey" with Yoona that began in 2009, Innisfree expressed its appreciation for the artist who "has been promoting the brand with unchanging passion" and for her supportive fans.

The company in a separate post urged visitors to its social media page to leave cheerful messages for the SM Entertainment celebrity. Because of her tenure with the brand for an exceptionally long period compared to other stars in the country's advertising industry, fans refer to her as "human Innisfree."

In another post, Innisfree quizzed visitors about the Yoona's nicknames during her modeling for the company. Rewards for 100 winners included a mini-photo album of the star and a "Yoona edition" seed serum. (The answers are Yoon-nisfree or human Innisfree)

Makeup/skincare post? What are you putting on your face, Omona?

source: The Korea Times & innisfreeofficial
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