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🌃 Yukika Post! Commentary on Her Debut Album, Album Details, and 1 Hour LoFi Loop ✈️

Yukika shared with her fans some fun videos on her channel! This video before the cut is her sharing her commentary on the making of her album Soul Lady. Also included under the cut - She also has a video of her showing what you get when you purchase her album - it’s currently in preorder and ships August 10th. Plus for us lofi playlist fans, she gave us the perfect gift - “All flights delayed” on a 1 hour repeat loop.

I summarized the commentary video under the cut as well :)

Quick summary from her commentary video:

✈️ “From HND to GMP” - she describes the heels clicking on the floor as the heroine taking off to something exciting as her journey begins, the anticipation builds!
✈️ “I Feel Love” - she intended to sound a lot cuter on this track, but her voice is deeper than intended. It’s meant to reflect how she felt when she first arrived to Korea.
🌃 “Soul Lady” - The title is a play on words, as the song is about her being in Seoul and it sounds like Soul. She wanted to show her heart and soul with this track :)
🌃 “Neon” - her debut song! It’s her life song, as it’ll be special to her for life ❤️
✈️ “Yesterday” - she channeled Namie Amuro and Hikaru Utada in the 90s for this song! Love the influences :)
✈️ “A Day For Love” - this had potentially been in the running as a debut song as she received this before Neon. Two female composers worked on this one and has more of an r&b influence to it.
🐶 “pit-a-pet” - this House track was added for contrast as city pop themed albums can be a bit monotonous (where the ‘this all sounds the same’ critique comes in. I love it but I understand where this comes from). It’s written from her dog’s perspective, looking up to Yukika with love but can be used to represent a couple in love. I gotta read these lyrics it sounds interesting!
🌃 “Cherries Jubiles” - her second release. For personal reasons she couldn’t promote it when it came out, but she finally was able to perform it recently. She loves the MV for it.
✈️ “I Need A Friend” - the interlude is voiced by her and her producer, role playing a couple who are struggling. They had fun joking around (like her calling him a ‘dickhead’ lol) but it’s supposed to be more serious as it’s transitioning into Shade.
🌃 ”Shade” - it starts with ‘Let’s Break Up’, to follow up with the couple that it isn’t working out anymore. Her first ‘dark’ song, it was a harder track for her to finish working on as she focused heavily on making it sound right. But she’s glad the hard work paid off as fans really like it.
✈️ ‘All flights are delayed” - As the title says, flights are delayed. The theme behind it is ‘what would you do?’ And it’s up to the listeners to interpret their decision.
🌃 “Neon 1989” - The Song is featured in a game DJMax, so it was altered to be more upbeat. She was very grateful for this opportunity.
✈️ “Cherries Jubiles (Acoustic)” - She’s learning how to play guitar, and would love to perform this on stage with her guitar one day. I hope she achieves this goal :))))

Ahhhhh it includes a ticket and passport inspired photocards! Plus with the old school vibes to the headshots, that sealed the deal for me, I had to buy it!

Source: videos from Yukika

her album was that impressive to me, it’s one of my favorite albums ever from start to finish. I had to buy it ☺️
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