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BTS "Dynamite" Promo Schedule, Tiny TAN & In The Soop 2nd Trailer

They won't travel abroad so all of their international promo (including the VMA) will be recorded from Seoul.

In 3 days, the new animated characters, based on the 7 members, Tiny TAN will make their debut.

Dream came true for Jin, he's fishing!

Source: Big Hit Ent. Twitter, Tiny TAN Twitter 1 & 2, In The Soop Youtube,

From the top of their ivory tower, BTS will watch Tiny TAN and BT21 fight to death to be ARMY's favourite whilst counting their money.
Soooooo no Korean promo for now...
What will be the "b-side" and its MV? Some fans say it's going to be the Korean version of "Dynamite" but why would BTS say the song was perfect in English just to release a Korean version? I wouldn't say no to a traditional Korean MV though.
I am more excited now than ever because Jimin mentioned he listened to "Fire" a lot recently and we know they're sneaky snakes who always drop clues. And "Fire" is such a fun MV who wouldn't want to iron Jin? and the choreo is amazing (thanks Keone & Mari - BTS need to work with them again) so they better not let me down.
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