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Inside Kibum's (U-Kiss) bag

Sexy photo - A photo by photographer Choi Bo Yoon, with a homosexual concept.
Brown Cruizer 2 Shaver - My beard/mustache grows really fast. I use it up to 2-3 times a day.
Hairband - Used during practice to keep my hair up.
Portable hand group - For hand exercises when I'm bored.
Gloves - I need when I do weights at the gym.
Blackberry Bold - Start-up screen is our toy poodle, Choco.
MLB cap - My favorite cap because it fits well. Hyungjoon hyung has the same cap.

SS501 Hyung Joon's brother, Kibum, with the same Louis Vuitton bag as his brother, seriously looks like Hyung Joon at first glance.

His Louis Vuitton Monogram bag was bought 4 months ago at Galleria. "I was influenced by my hyung who is 3 years older than me. He's a Louis Vuitton maniac."

His wallet is Louis Vuitton too. He doesn't like his money to be crumpled so he uses a long wallet. In his wallet, he has a credit card from his hyung, for use when he needs it and various debit cards.

He also has his driving license, which he attained in June 2009. "I'm really good at driving. I can drive backwards well too," Kibum said, shrugging his shoulders.

The Brown Cruzer 2 shaver is a necessity that easy-going Kibum cannot do without. "My beard/mustache grows really quickly. I have to shave during practice or before going on stage."

His bling-bling hairband belongs to his mother. "I always use it in the practice room. It's really uncomfortable when my hair falls down."

His Blackberry Bold phone was bought recently. His start-up screen is a picture of his toy poodle, Choco. "My hyung got it from the vet. It was a really small puppy so my mum fed it generously and it has grown 7kg in just 4 months."

The sexy homosexual-concept photoshoot picture was a present from photographer Choi Bo Woon nuna at the beginning of 'Man Man Ha Ni' activities.

When he has spare time, he enjoys working out at Rex Fitness at COEX.

Kibum carries a portable hand-grip and health gloves around. "I have a skinny built, so in order to build muscles, I do more weights than aerobic exercises."

And a larger version of that picture for your viewing pleasure:

Credits: ukissme.SG (Translations) + ROCKETBOXX.NET
Source: High Cut

He actually carries that picture around with him?!
How does Kevin feel about this development?
And his close relationship with Hyungjoon is so adorable ♥
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